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We are a dynamic group of multicultural individuals with a passion for making a positive impact. We provide expert services to our clients, with a strong focus on global policy issues and engagement with international organizations.

The Emerging team is multicultural:

  • 12 languages spoken fluently: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, Luhya, Meru, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swahili.
  • 14 nationalities: American, Australian, Brazilian, British, Canadian, French, Guyanese, Italian, Kenyan, Lebanese, Moroccan, Rwandan, Tanzanian and Ugandan.
  • Extensive travels and living abroad

Emerging’s team is based globally to provide 24-hour coverage of international issues.

Robynne Anderson

President of Emerging Ag Inc.

Bibi Ally

Vice President, Multilateral Affairs

Brian Baldwin

Development & Policy Advisor

Natasha Bean-Smith, CHRP

Operations and HR Manager

Isabelle Coche

Chief Policy Officer

Sara Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Wayne Dredge

Special Advisor

Omar Farhate

Policy Officer

Sophie Goudard

Vice President, Operations

Tamsin Hibbert

Director, Communications

Stefanie Hyde

Vice President, Communications

Josiane Irakarama

Project Coordinator

Zaira Lanna

Director, Strategy

Katrina Malanga

Project Coordinator

Demas Mugambi

Visual Design Strategist

Lufingo Mwamakamba

Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement

Joyce Najm

Communications Officer

Rosemary Navarrete

Director, Stakeholder Engagement

Steve Ngunyi

Special Advisor

Eva Nelson

Policy Officer

Fabio Niespolo

Director, Public Affairs

Waiganjo Njoroge

Director, Multilateral Engagement

Francesca Romana Nuccitelli

Partnership and Events Coordinator

Beverly Ooko

Project Coordinator

Chloe Raitt

Events Coordinator

Denyse Uwera

Visual Design Strategist

Irina Wandera

Policy Manager

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