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Target Malaria

Emerging Ag has worked with Target Malaria to support the project through the development of its communication and engagement strategies and offer expert advice to its teams globally. Engaged day to day in the project’s activities, Emerging Ag’s services range from content development and messaging support, to strategy development and training.

Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research

The Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research’s purpose is to raise awareness of the value of gene drive research for the public good. The Network supports coordination among members, information sharing, and engagement with key stakeholders to raise awareness of the value of gene drive research for the public good and of the need for continuous efforts in its advancement. The Network’s members are researchers and organisations working on gene drive research for public interest, organisations involved in outreach, stakeholder engagement and other relevant fields, as well as funders or supporters of these activities.

Digital Agriculture Association

Digital agriculture is emerging as one of the most exciting new innovation spaces in the food and agriculture sector. There is a high level of interest from consumers, investors and policymakers in the potential of this new approach to help deliver a sustainable and secure food supply.

World Milk Day

The Global Dairy Platform, made up of dairy companies, associations and scientific bodies, leads the dairy sector’s collaborative efforts to encourage the appropriate intake of nutrient-rich dairy foods and demonstrate the sector’s role in sustainable agriculture. Emerging Ag assisted the Global Dairy Platform (GDP) in coordinating global celebrations for World Milk Day on June 1, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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