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Josiane Irakarama

Project Coordinator

Josiane Irakarama assumed the role of Project Coordinator at Emerging Ag in January 2024. Leveraging a robust professional background, she has garnered extensive experience collaborating with prestigious organizations, particularly within the sphere of Farmers Organizations at national, continental, and global levels.

Having previously served with distinguished entities such as the INGABO Farmers Syndicate, PAFO (The Pan African Farmers Organization), WFO (The World Farmers Organization), and various agricultural institutions, including the CGIAR, Josiane has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the agricultural sector.

Academically, Josiane earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration & Good Governance from INES – Ruhengeri in Rwanda. Currently in the final stages of completing a Master of Law in Food Law at LUISS University in Rome, she underscores her dedication to continuous learning and professional advancement. Fluent in both English and Kinyarwanda, with proficiency in French and Luganda, Josiane possesses a multilingual capability.

With a diverse skill set encompassing communication, leadership, event management, office administration, and writing, Josiane is well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to the success and expansion of Emerging Ag.

Outside of her professional pursuits, she finds enjoyment in activities such as drawing and yoga.

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