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Fertilizer Canada

Emerging Ag has worked with Fertilizer Canada on a number of projects.

Emerging ag helped coordinate Fertilizer Canada’s 2nd International Stewardship Symposium, held July 14th and 15th, 2015, in Calgary, Canada. Emerging ag team members Robynne Anderson and Morgane Danielou also attended the event, which brought together delegates from government, NGOs, farming, agri-retail, and all aspects of the crop nutrients sector. During the two-day event, speakers from across the globe highlighted the fact that the public expects and needs agriculture to produce more with less environmental impact and more social inclusion.

Emerging helped plan the inaugural International Stewardship Symposium by Fertilizer Canada, held July 15th and 16th, 2014, in Saskatoon, Canada. The symposium brought together researchers, farmers, and agronomists to discuss solutions for the world’s food demands, and Emerging Ag was happy to be a part of organizing the event. Emergin ag President, Robynne Anderson, was also one of the speakers during the event.

Audience Engagement

Emerging spearheaded a campaign to survey producers on their land use practices, resulting in a record number of responses.

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