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Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions

The Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions (SCOS) is a dynamic hub dedicated to research, innovation, and action to improve the health of the oceans for the people who depend on them most.

In collaboration with the SCOS Emerging completed a design project focused on visualizing the impact of blue foods in global food systems and illustrating industry actors’ contributions to climate adaptation and mitigation. The project yielded an infographic, a series of social media visuals and a social media strategy tailored to jumpstart outreach to key stakeholders and policy leaders, as well as a print-ready brochure for distribution at COP28.

Our commitment to effective communication and visual storytelling underscores our desire to elevate crucial issues in climate discussions. For a detailed look at the finalized infographic, please visit the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions website or follow them on social media to engage with their impactful work!


Social Media Visuals

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