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Forks Up for Canadian Agriculture

As food is fuel to the body, agriculture is the fuel of every nation and Canada is no different. Food, and as a result, agriculture, is key to every nation’s development. Any nation struggling to provide food to all its citizens in sufficient amounts also battles with lower productivity, a poorer economy, and various health challenges. This explains why the sector is of great importance.

Suffice it to say, the Canadian agri-food sector has catered to not only Canadians but the world at large. Canada’s food and agricultural sector has grown over the years with the value of Canada’s agriculture and agri-food exports exceeding $50 billion.

Emerging Ag, which is a Canadian institution of global repute in the agricultural industry, has worked diligently to amplify the voice of farmers, to respond to the call for more resilient food systems, and to promote agriculture. As our country celebrates agriculture and opens its doors to new food conversations, I cannot help but smile.

Join us celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day on Tuesday February 23, 2021 through one of the following activities:

• Post a photo, make a video, or write a blog. Share what you’re doing on social media using the hashtag #CdnAgDay and tag Emerging Ag as well on LinkedIn.

• Encourage your friends to show off their culinary talents using all Canadian ingredients such as this Buttermilk Oat Waffles recipe.

• Teach someone something new about agriculture. Share your knowledge and story with others.

These ideas are only suggestions and everyone is encouraged to come up with their own ways to share their passion for agriculture and inspire others to join the conversation. It’s all about celebrating Canadian agriculture and food in engaging, fun and respectful ways.

For more inspiration, visit Forks Up to the food we love and the people who grow it! Happy Canada Agriculture Day!

Sara Cohen
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