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Emerging ag January Team Meeting

Twice a year, the entire Emerging team gets together in various parts around the Globe to strategize, plan, and review, and strengthen our team.  We do this because as a global team the time-zone differences often means we cannot all “get together” at once.  We brainstorm, strategize, and take part in training to ensure our clients continue to experience the fantastic level of service they have become so accustomed to. We also find it important because we are wholeheartedly aware that to thrive as a business we have to constantly innovate and expand our ideas. During these retreats, we spend two days getting our project teams to work on client deliverables, brainstorm ideas, and question assumptions. Tons of new ideas are tossed out and whittled down to a few powerful ones that are then implemented.  

This January, we were fortunate to experience the magnificence of the Canadian Rockies and enjoy the mild temperatures in Spray Valley Provincial Park while dog sledding through the Canadian wilderness. The Emerging team travelled from all corners of the world, with some seeing snow for the first time!   

Though our team retreats are extremely productive and efficient, we do remember that it is of great importance to not only work together but also relax and have fun!  Friendships between colleagues lead to greater workplace engagement. A fascinating study by Gallup showed that people who said they had a ‘best-friend’ at work were more engaged than those who did not. As a result, our team retreats are filled with games, song, dance, and epic parties to create even more bonding opportunities that help forge close friendships.  It is more than just a team retreat, for us it is a family reunion!


Anna Zailer

Anna comes to Emerging with nearly two decades of experience in finance, HR, administration and management, as well as Financial Transactions and reporting analysis center of Canada (FINTRAC) administration. She holds an advanced diploma in Business Administration - Accounting and is currently working towards obtaining her Bachelor of Applied Business Administration - Accounting. Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Anna speaks fluent English and Russian and has worked in various industries, including real estate and accounting.

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