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The LovePulses Product Showcase is Underway!

The Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) and its partners are hosting this year the LovePulses Product Showcase. This global competition aims to encourage the development of innovative food products containing pulses as core ingredients. So far Ethiopia, India and Canada have named their great champion that will represent their countries at the Global Showcase at IFT in Chicago July 16-19, 2016 with the winners of the national and virtual competitions.

The participants to this global competition showed a large range of innovative approaches to put Pulses in the spotlight. The winner of Ethiopia’s competition, Mrs. Greiling, showcased six new nutritious and delicious pulse-based products as ‘special menu’ of the day, starting with breakfast, lunch, snack, right up to dinner. Different types of pulses were used, among them faba bean, field pea, chickpea, mung bean, and cowpea.

Canada just finished their Mission ImPULSEible competition at The Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) on February 22 in Vancouver during CIFST’s annual conference under the theme: Pulse Innovation in Traditional Food Products. Six teams from each province competed in Vancouver with Canadian celebrity chef Vikram Vij who served as one of the judges for the Mission : ImPULSEible National Championship.

IMG_0416The theme of the Indian competition was to create a snack food or convenience food product (ready to eat, ready to heat) made with pulses that focus on technology, innovation or recipe development. The competition was launched on October 1st, 2015. 2 teams from each of the North, South, East, West and Central zones travelled to Jaipur for the national competition and 34 submissions were received! The national winners competed and were selected at the Pulses Conclave in Jaipur on February 18th. The winning team, students from the Institute of Hotel Management in Bangalore used adzuki beans, red split lentils, black gram and other ingredients to create “Adzuki Coins”, a wonderful new snack.

In March, China and the US will hold their National competition, followed by Australia and Japan. All of them will encourage the creation and innovation of food products to help present pulses to the world and build awareness around the IYP2016.

Hapsa Dia

At Emerging, Hapsa deals with strategy development and stakeholder engagement planning and tracking. She engages in training and capacity building efforts around crisis management and strategic communications for specific clients, and also supports the team with general communication and content development. Hapsa has exeperience managing several projects from brand auditing to writing for a French parliament journal and also lobbying for media liberalization in Mauritania. With an interest to make a difference on key development issues, Hapsa created a development magazine with the support of UNDP and UNFPA. Hapsa currently volunteers for “Santé sans frontières” a Mauritanian NGO aiming to raise awareness about key public health issues particularly on how to prevent Malaria and HIV in exposed populations.

Hapsa studied Materials Sciences and Applied Physics at the University of Orleans. As her interest in development grew, she went to Paris where she graduated with a Master degree in Public Affairs at Inseec Business School Paris and London College of Communication. Currently based in Nouakchott, Mauritania, Hapsa is fluent in French, English, Fulani and Wolof.

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