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Politico: The world food crisis is only going to get worse. Where do we go from here?

The war between Russia and Ukraine has exacerbated the global food crisis. Add to this the current climate challenge and we are headed towards a situation that would, unfortunately, leave millions heartbroken.

This is an unprecedented crisis that warrants innovative solutions.

Media outlet Politico interviewed leading food experts on the issue to weigh in on the crisis and potential solutions.

“I would observe that on the whole, global stocks in grains and oilseeds are tight, and that’s part of the food inflation story,” said Robynne Anderson, who represents the agriculture industry at the U.N.’s Committee on World Food Security. Wheat production is predicted to decline in 2022, for the first time in four years.

“We need agriculture firing on all cylinders on all continents all the time, because climate change is always going to mean somebody is struggling,” she argued.

Read the full article on Politico.

Stefanie Hyde

With a passion for creativity, marketing and communications, Stefanie contributes to Emerging’s online communications and brand management, develops graphic visuals, and provides communications support to Emerging and its valued clients. Stefanie has grown up in a family with a long history in agriculture. Her family roots and exposure to farming and agri-business has nurtured a natural love for the industry and the wonderful people who work in it. Prior to joining Emerging, she has gained career experience working with Parks Canada in a Promotions and New Media role and developed skills including videography, advertising, marketing, social media and graphic design. Stefanie is a Canadian national and speaks both French and English. She graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, with a Bachelors Degree of Design. Stefanie attended the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology where she specialized in Sustainable Communications which included sustainable design, communications and marketing. Stefanie has spent time living in both Denmark and Rome, and is currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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