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IAFN Celebrates 60 years of Codex

Codex 60 anniversary

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has reached a significant milestone, as 2023 marks 60 years of its establishment. Created jointly by the FAO and the World Health Organization (WHO), Codex is one of the most important international organization in the field of food standards. Over the years, Codex has developed hundreds of internationally recognized standards, guidelines, and codes of practice, all with the goal of ensuring that food is safe for everyone, everywhere.

The Secretary General of the International Seed Federation and Chair of the International Agri-food Network, Michael Keller, has guest-written a blog highlighting the importance of Codex Alimentarius this year, which marks its 60th anniversary.

To read the full blog and learn more about Codex’s contributions to food safety over the past six decades, visit Join us in recognizing Codex’s incredible achievements and the impact it has had on the world’s food supply.

Rosemary Navarrete

Rosemary Navarrete is Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Emerging. She has over 15 years of experience in strategic engagement across UN Agencies and IGOs on international issues related to food and agriculture, trade and market access, legal and judicial reform policies. A key area of expertise Rosemary brings to these issues is her in-depth knowledge of the governance of the relevant UN and international bodies.

Before joining the team at Emerging, she worked as an Agriculture Adviser for the Minister Counsellor for the Department of Agriculture-Australia, posted to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization-Rome. Prior to that she drafted, submitted, and managed EU-funded projects, including those focused on judicial and legal reform for the International Development Law Organization and academia.

Rosemary is a U.S. lawyer who has lived and worked in Rome for over 20 years in the international legal, academia and UN sectors. She holds a master’s in development economics, Juris Doctor in Law, and B.A. in political science, with a specialization in gender and environmental studies.

As a Colombian American, Rosemary is a native English and Spanish speaker also fluent in Italian.

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