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Fresh start with Emerging Ag

My first month with Emerging has gone by in the blink of an eye. Freshly out of grad school, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a part of such a global, high impact, and efficient company. I began my journey with Emerging in Rome for CFS 2015. There I got to meet face to face with the Emerging team. This experience has helped improve my communications with everyone since returning home. The team has been more than helpful with my onboarding process. While not my first time in a virtual office, it is a new experience in the sense this is a small global office. I like the fact that with a smaller team comes a more personal element to my work and because we have co-workers all over the globe it removes the typical 9-5 work day. This supports productivity, because generally, we have someone online around the clock. The amount of flexibility I have in where I live, and (within reason) when I start my day is a freeing experience.

Not having grown up in an agricultural family, it is fascinating to learn what goes into our food, both locally and globally. Attending CFS, I learned how dedicated both the private and public sector are to finding solutions to issues like climate change, food security, poverty, sustainability and more. It was great to see the private and public sector collaborating to develop innovative solutions to many of the problems we face today. I feel like I am just beginning to grasp how large the projects we work on are. These projects and the clients we work with have the potential to truly help people and positively impact the world. It is inspiring to work with a group full of passionate, hardworking, individuals. I look forward to meeting all of our clients and learning more about my co-workers.


Tilly works in policy research and communications for Emerging. She is involved in Emerging’s communications, secretariat functions, and the management of committees. She has always had a passion for sustainable business development, stakeholder engagement and international development. Prior to joining Emerging, Tilly was completing her Masters of Science in Sustainable Energy Development. During her masters degree she was gaining work experience as the newsletter editor for the SEDV program. In addition, Tilly worked as an intern/writer for a local non-profit that aims to connect environmentally responsible businesses in Calgary. Tilly is a Canadian national. She graduated from the University of Calgary with her Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development. She holds a Bachelor of Science with an Honours Specialization in Animal Behaviour from the University of Western Ontario. Tilly has lived across Canada including Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. In addition, she spent a 10 month working holiday in New Zealand. Tilly is currently based in Calgary, Alberta.

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