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Women’s Work is Never Done

The saying that women’s work is never done has never been shown to be as true as in the case of women farmers. African women do 80% of the farm work – including collecting water and firewood, preparing and cooking meals, processing and storing food and making household purchases. A study in Africa found that over the course of year, women carried the equivalent of more than 80 tonnes of fuel, water and farm produce for a distance of 1 km – mostly on their heads and backs. Some say this is equal to 2/3rds of the rural transport in sub-Saharan Africa.

Robynne Anderson

Robynne has extensive experience in the agriculture and food sector, working throughout the value chain – from basic inputs to farmers in the field to the grocery store shelf. She works internationally in the sector, including speaking at the United Nations on agriculture and food issues, and representing the International Agri-Food Network at the UN.Throughout her career she has worked with farm organisations like the Prairie Oat Growers Association, the National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi and the Himalayan Farmers Association, as well as global groups, to further the voice of agriculture in the food debate. She has also worked with Fortune 500 companies growing worldwide businesses to assist them with issues management and strategy decisions.

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