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WhyLivestockMatter Website Launch

Livestock are critical for global development yet often overlooked. The world’s cows, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and other farm animals are the mainstay of livelihoods the world over. And the energy and nutrient-dense milk, meat, and eggs these animals produce provide hundreds of millions of families in the world’s poorer countries with essential food and nutrition.

Despite this, the livestock sector receives no more than 3% of official development assistance from major donor countries. Investing in livestock is essential if we are to achieve our sustainable development goals.

At the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development meeting in Mongolia, was launched. This site has the goal of connecting the livestock sector in a more meaningful way to other sectors, and to serve as a reference in situations of debate about the role of the livestock industry. 

Feedback is being welcomed about the site, and the organization hopes to scale the site up further in the future. 

April Dodd
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