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The First Ever Virtual AGRF Summit Takes Place

The Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), the premier platform for global and African leaders from both the public and private sector, is set to take place in just a couple of days over the period of 8th to 11th September 2020. This forum is the first of its kind due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and will live to be remembered for a long time to come.

 The AGRF 2019 Summit was held in Accra, Ghana under the leadership of H.E. President Nana Akufo Addo and attracted more than 4,000 delegates from 89 countries with a resounding mission to transform agriculture in Africa, the big question today is, how will the AGRF 2020 Summit have the same amplified impact in view of COVID-19?

True to their efforts to transform agriculture in Africa, the AGRF Partners will hold the AGRF 2020 Summit virtually with the country of Rwanda as host. Organized under the leadership of H.E. President Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, the theme for this year’s summit “Feed the Cities, Grow the Continent,” will create a platform to indulge in conversations that will spark and unlock the revolution of agriculture in Africa.

Seeing is believing. The forum will live up to its amplified undertaking to bring together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to define, unlock and refine agriculture in the continent highlighting practical lessons and actions to progress the future of food systems. AGRF 2020 comes packed with a treat! The plans are all set with a near-perfect ambience for an auspicious week and a heavy expectation lives with the AGRF crew that this year’s summit will turn out even grander than years before.

This year, Emerging ag is providing program development services for AGRF; and has supported the development of an innovative program tailored for a virtual audience and based around the theme of the forum to Feed the Cities, Grow the Continent. 

The sessions begin unfolding  8th September and will ensure that delegates build on conversations that will spur to advance policies, programmes, and investments to move African agriculture and food systems forward and achieve the goals laid out in the African Union’s Malabo Declaration and SDGs.

The forum will capture diverse sets of enriching experiences including culture tracks, parallel sessions, results factories, and plenaries which will transition to roundtables. In a matter of days, delegates from all over the world will look at how our countries can Leverage Urban Food Markets to Achieve Sustainable Food Systems in Africa.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a significant setback in our national and regional development priorities and has brought about a devastating global impact. The AGRF 2020 Summit presents us with a collective opportunity to reignite, transform and rebuild our agricultural economies in an even sturdier way for the future. 

Set to join the 10th Annual AGRF Summit are current and former Heads of State and Government, Agriculture and Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors, top and emerging private sector industry members, representatives of farmer organizations, eminent leaders of global and regional development institutions and key non-governmental implementing partners. If you want to join this delegation of great leaders and take part in AGRF 2020 you can register here. 

As the winds of change blow across the agricultural landscape; the resilience, innovation and sustainability of food systems will drive progress. AGRF 2020 Summit labors to make that change happen.

Priscilla Mugo

Priscilla is working as Project Coordinator at Emerging ag. She is an expert in event organisation, planning and execution. She is a professional networking expert focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. 
At Emerging, Priscilla provides services in the areas of policy, document coordination, project tracking, event organisation, and writing related to a broad range of projects on which Emerging ag inc works.
Priscilla is a published author in the area of networking. Prior to joining Emerging ag, Priscilla curated and hosted high level events and forums at Uncharted Network, a Kenya-based professional event planning company. She managed the planning, communication and marketing functions.

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