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Promoting COVID-19 Prevention Around the World

Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO), in partnership with the Residential College in Arts and Humanities based out of Michigan State University is excited to be able to promote their new video “Protecting Yourself Against Coronavirus.” SAWBO is hoping to make their video available for people across the world. Currently the video is available in twenty-two languages. 

  1. Arabic (Egypt)
  2. Bamanankan (Mali)
  3. Bengali (Bangladesh)
  4. Catalan (Spain)
  5. Chinese (Taiwan)
  6. English (USA)
  7. Fante (Ghana)
  8. Farsi (Iran)
  9. Fon (Benin)
  10. French (Benin)
  11. French (France)
  12. Italian (Italy)
  13. Karimojong (Uganda)
  14. Khmer (Cambodia)
  15. Malagasy (Madagascar)
  16. Pidgin (Nigeria)
  17. Portuguese (Mozambique)
  18. Spanish (Spain)
  19. Spanish (Venezuela)
  20. Swahili (Tanzania)
  21. Vietnamese (Vietnam)
  22. Zulu (South Africa)

SAWBO hopes that individuals will share these videos within their networks to help spread the ways in which we can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Scientific Animations Without Borders creates educational content in as many languages as possible so that the information can be easily accessible to people around the world. Their other videos touch on subjects such as agriculture, economics, women’s empowerment, peace and justice and other tutorials.

Ashleigh Schoonderbeek

Ashleigh has joined the Emerging team as one of our client-service coordinators. She brings with her experience in food services, the arts, media and development, and administration. She is currently working on completing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree at the University of Calgary and Athabasca University, this program combined her passion for writing, travelling and connecting with people, aspects she hopes to continue and develop moving forward. Ashleigh currently holds a number of teaching certificates in various aspects of dance. Learn more

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