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My First Impressions with Emerging

One month at Emerging Ag inc. went so fast! It felt like a couple of weeks, though very intense. I don’t really have a background on agriculture and I have been learning so much about this industry since I started this new job. The team is internationally based and has such bright, intelligent, motivated women who are on top of all their subjects.

The virtual office concept is very modern and gives a lot of flexibility. It is challenging in the best way because it inspires us to always stay professional, reliable and be team players, even more with the fact that the consultants are in different time zones.

The Emerging spirit is a mix of passion and dedication, strong motivation and did I say passion again?

After few weeks with Emerging I traveled to Burkina Faso, Morocco, Italy and heading to London in couple of weeks while being based in Mauritania. I believe that it is quite amazing to be able to travel and meet individuals from other cultures, environments and to be confronted with real issues with first-hand information through events like the Committee on Food Security in Rome.

What I enjoy most is the will and dedication of Emerging Ag consultants to understand the clients, their needs, expectations and how to guide them through the challenging issues of providing food security on a global scale. I am also discovering the vast and multi sector worldwide industry agriculture is. You must consider food first. Where does it come from and how?When we are evolving outside the food and agriculture industry we rarely think about the whole value chain! When we are enjoying a pulse made dinner for instance!

This is a whole new universe I am more than delighted to be thriving in at this moment of my professional career. More than that, working at Emerging Ag is exactly what I needed since I have always wanted to contribute to the development of Africa and learn more about the worldwide agriculture industry where the real heroes are the farmers.

Hapsa Dia

At Emerging, Hapsa deals with strategy development and stakeholder engagement planning and tracking. She engages in training and capacity building efforts around crisis management and strategic communications for specific clients, and also supports the team with general communication and content development. Hapsa has exeperience managing several projects from brand auditing to writing for a French parliament journal and also lobbying for media liberalization in Mauritania. With an interest to make a difference on key development issues, Hapsa created a development magazine with the support of UNDP and UNFPA. Hapsa currently volunteers for “Santé sans frontières” a Mauritanian NGO aiming to raise awareness about key public health issues particularly on how to prevent Malaria and HIV in exposed populations.

Hapsa studied Materials Sciences and Applied Physics at the University of Orleans. As her interest in development grew, she went to Paris where she graduated with a Master degree in Public Affairs at Inseec Business School Paris and London College of Communication. Currently based in Nouakchott, Mauritania, Hapsa is fluent in French, English, Fulani and Wolof.

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