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Mobilizing Knowledge for Agriculture

Kristin Davis of the Global Forum on Rural Advisory Services shared a growing call on the five key pillars to revitalize knowledge systems in agriculture:

  1. focusing on best-fit approaches;
  2. embracing pluralism;
  3. using participatory approaches;
  4. developing capacity; and
  5. ensuring long-term institutional support.

Many thanks to Greg Crosby, the session host from USDA and a panel speaker, for his tireless dedication to e-extension and his kind invitation. He reviewed the means to link knowledge to action. Bridgit Muasa, a veterinary scientist and AWARD winner from Kenya, gave a dynamic presentation on the mobile tools be used in Kenya, including ICow.

Zeinab Al Moumany of Jordan spoke about the needs for economic empowerment as part of knowledge systems, particularly to address the challenges faced by rural women. Last and by no means least, Rajeev Chauhan spoke about the extension systems in India, one of the few countries that is really investing in extension and rural advisory services.

The session was streamed live and a recording can be found on and for part 2.

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