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CFS Side Events

CFS Side Event – Fertilising Crops to Improve Human Health

October 8, 2013 | Rome, Italy | 12:30 – 2 pm | Austria Room

The speakers will present important case-studies of micronutrient fertilization in various parts of the world, emphasizing the impact on the health of the local populations, in particular reducing stunting among children, and on the role of partnerships.

HOST: H.E Hakki Akil: Ambassador, Embassy of Turkey to the Rome-Based Agencies
CHAIR: Ms Esin Mete: President of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) and CEO of Toros Agri-Industry Group, Turkey
SPEAKER: Dr Tom Bruulsema: Director at the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI): Presentation of the Scientific Review, the Role of Micronutrient Fertilization.
SPEAKER: Dr Andrew Green: Director of the Zinc Nutrient Initiative, International Zinc Association, USA: Public-Private Partnerships, Promoting Zinc Fertilization in China and India.
SPEAKER: Dr Ismail Cakmak: Sabanci University, Turkey: A Success Zinc Story in Turkey and HarvestZinc Project.

CFS Side Event – Knowledge, Skills and Talent Development in the Agri-Food Sector

Recruiting talent into agriculture

October 9, 2013 | Rome, Italy | 8:30 – 9:30 am | Austria Room

Join a discussion in how to attract, recruit, and retain people to achieve growth, sustainability and security across the entire food chain.

SPEAKER: Lindiwe Majele Sibanda: Chief Executive Officer and Head of Mission, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN), South Africa.
SPEAKER: Matteo Bartolini: President, European Council of Young Farmers, Italy
SPEAKER: Kristin Davis: Executive Secretary, Global Forum For Rural Advisory Services, Switzerland
SPEAKER: Patrick O’Quin: Vice President Multilateral Affairs, Danone, France
SPEAKER: Keith Polo: Lead of Agribusiness, ImagineNations, Italy

CFS Side Event – The Real Facts on Biofuels

October 9, 2013 | Rome, Italy | 6:00 – 7:30 pm | Austria Room

Experts from major producing areas will provide concrete insights into the operations of the sector and will explore the future sustainability models for biofuels.

SPEAKER: Eric Sievers: CEO, Ethanol Europe Renewables Ltd
SPEAKER: István Kaszab: Manager, Arago Agrar Ltdv
SPEAKER: Meghan Sapp: General Secretary, Pangea
SPEAKER: Jesper Hedal Kløverpris: LCA Specialist, Novozymes

CFS Side Event – Ideas Showcase: Examples of Responsible Agricultural Investment

October 10, 2013 | Rome, Italy | 6:00 – 7:30 pm | Iran Room

The focus will be on concrete examples of responsible agricultural investment and the best practices that make them work.

MODERATOR: Hakan Bahceci: President of CICILS and CEO of Hakan Foods
SPEAKER: Jonny Jacobs: Managing Director and Co-Founder, Malawi Mangoes
SPEAKER: James Little: Agriculture and Farming Manager, Rabofarm
SPEAKER: Laura Mecagni: Head of Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
SPEAKER: Giacomo Celi: CEO, Illy
SPEAKER: Tiberio Chari: Technical Director, Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare (IAO)
SPEAKER: John Young Simpson: Associate, Duxton Asset Management
SPEAKER: Mark Constantine: IFC

Robynne Anderson

Robynne has extensive experience in the agriculture and food sector, working throughout the value chain – from basic inputs to farmers in the field to the grocery store shelf. She works internationally in the sector, including speaking at the United Nations on agriculture and food issues, and representing the International Agri-Food Network at the UN.Throughout her career she has worked with farm organisations like the Prairie Oat Growers Association, the National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi and the Himalayan Farmers Association, as well as global groups, to further the voice of agriculture in the food debate. She has also worked with Fortune 500 companies growing worldwide businesses to assist them with issues management and strategy decisions.

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