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Celebrating Canadian Agriculture

Happy Canadian Ag Day! Today February 22, we celebrate Canadian agriculture. Indeed, food and those who make it is always worth celebrating! Here in Canada, we have an ancient love for farmers and the food they produce. After all, Canadian farmers play a key role in Canada’s food chain and economy. They provide employment to over a quarter of a million people and produce enough food to feed the whole country as well as others overseas.

Several nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, eggs, beef, milk, and oats are produced in Canada and sold in local markets or exported. From January to October 2020, Canadian agri-food and seafood exports increased by 10%, reaching $61.0 billion compared to $55.5 billion for the same period in 2019. Such an important aspect of the economy cannot simply be overlooked. This is why every year, Canada celebrates Canadian agriculture.

Emerging ag is a Canadian institution which has dedicated more than ten years to 

  • helping farmers get their messages across to key players, 
  • bringing stakeholders together to shape more resilient and sustainable food systems,
  • promoting the goodness of agriculture

We will continue to encourage conversations, collaborations and changes which help the agricultural sector flourish in Canada and beyond. Join us celebrate Canadian ag by posting a “forks up” selfie or any photo or video celebrating Canadian ag and be sure to use the hashtag #CdnAgDay when you do. From all of us at Emerging, we say thumbs and forks up to all Canadian agricultural producers.


Tanja Riedel
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