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Avena Canadiense Recipe Competition: Mexican Oat Lovers Submit Over 150 Recipes!

Did you ever think that you can make the Mexican dish tamales with oats? How about oats ice cream or lasagna? Honestly we haven´t, but the Mexicans have!
As part of the promotional activities, POGA held two recipe contests through the
Avena Canadiense Fan Page profile targeting Mexican users.  

Launched in February, the first recipe contest concluded successfully with 3 winners and 64 recipes submitted by Mexican users. Given the incredible response, POGA launched a second contest in May which drew in a whopping 160 oats recipes! They include:

  • 45 desserts
  • 28 main dishes
  • 20 breads and muffins
  • 19 pancakes and burgers
  • 12 Mexican dishes
  • 10 cookies
  • 6 lasagna or pasta dishes
  • 6 hotcakes recipes
  • 5 appetizers
  • 4 soups
  • 5 miscellaneous

The winning recipe was a healthy version of the Spanish cookie dessert called “alfajores” which swapped sugar with dates, stevia, coconut and yogurt. This oats alfajores dish was created by Montserrat Petriciolet, a 19 year old resident of Oaxaca, who won $600. Four more recipes were distinguished for their creativity, nutritional value and taste. They included a delicious oats vegetarian lasagna, healthy oats truffles, oats risotto and avedonuts.

Visit for the recipes!

Paulina Ceballos

Paulina helps Emerging with commercial market outreach, in particular with delegation coordination for trade missions. She is the lead event planner, coordinating the planning and onsite logistics of all sizes of events around the world. Paulina is also involved in Emerging’s online and offline communications, in particular content and community management, branding and marketing activities. Paulina has worked for many national and international media networks covering different events - not only in front of the microphone, but also as advertising sales consultant, media relations, marketing manager and host for official and public events. Her experience in Rome includes working in digital communications for the private sector and as press officer for the United Nations agency International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

A Mexican national, she is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the Universidad Mexicana and a Laurea Magistrale in Journalism from the Università di Roma Tre. Paulina has been living in Europe for the past 7 years and is currently based in Rome, Italy.

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