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A Healthy Start to 2023 with Oatmeal

Oatmeal 2023

Healthy eating is a goal most of us set for ourselves at the beginning of each year. But as the days go by, we start falling into older patterns and healthy resolutions get traded for easy, tasty food. But what if we tell you there is one super ingredient that can keep all those health resolutions on track without having to compromise on taste. Sounds incredible, right?

Well, here’s to introducing the ever-diverse oats. These are super foods that can be made in myriad ways and can be consumed at any time of the day. These are essentially whole grains that are gluten-free and are packed with several nutrients.

These can be consumed in a wide variety of ways and have proven health benefits including boosting energy and body immunity to keeping the cholesterol levels in check.

Want to know more? The Mexican Diabetes Federation, along with the Prairie Oat Growers Association and Avena Canadiense, hosted a workshop to learn more about the benefits of oats and discover our tamale recipes prepared by a Chef!

You can watch the workshop below:

Sophie Goudard

Sophie has joined the Emerging ag team in the role of Operations Manager, and focuses primarily on team logistics, scheduling and event planning.
A French national from a mixed background, Sophie holds a Master of Arts in International Cultural Exchange Strategies from the Institute of Political Sciences of Lyon, a BA in Legal Studies and Political Science from the Institute of Political Sciences of Rennes and a BA in History. Sophie speaks English and Spanish after living in North America for twelve years and studying in Mexico, she became proficient in German in the last 8 years working mostly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She currently lives in France.

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