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2024 World Milk Day Campaign Material Launched

As we head into Spring, we are nearing the annual celebration of dairy farmers, World Milk Day, on Saturday, June 1. As part of our work with the Global Dairy Platform, we are continuing to manage the campaign development and implementation of World Milk Day. This year’s theme celebrates the vital role dairy plays in delivering quality nutrition to sustainably nourish the world. Dairy is an accessible, affordable, and nutrient-dense food, and an essential part of balanced diets across the world.

World Milk Day was established in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to recognize the importance of milk as a global food and to celebrate the dairy sector. Each year since, the benefits of dairy products have been actively promoted around the world, including how dairy supports the livelihoods of one billion people. Year over year we have seen an increase in engagement from global audiences. In 2023, the global campaign grew by 30%, reaching over 1.35 billion people, garnering over 324,000 posts, and engaging 111 countries. From Australia to Zimbabwe, the impact of dairy is being celebrated.  

Interested in participating? Here’s how you can engage:  

  1. Be a World Milk Day Mobilizer. Calling all dairy aficionados! Whether you’re a farmer or a member of the dairy sector, sign up as a World Milk Day Mobilizer to stay up-to-date on campaign assets, performance metrics, and global participation. Mobilizers receive real-time updates tailored to their time zone, along with curated content for further dissemination. Let’s amplify the voice of the dairy industry together! To enlist, share your name, country, and organization (if applicable) at
  1. Share a farmer video. How do you help provide nutritious and sustainably made dairy products to your community and beyond? Craft a short video (60 seconds or less) answering this question and send it to or via Wetransfer
  1. Create original content. Unleash your creativity on June 1 by sharing stories and facts from your region to showcase the global diversity of the dairy sector. Post captivating photos or videos depicting milk enthusiasts in action, share dairy facts and industry updates, and spotlight the unsung heroes – our farmers. Rally influencers, partners, customers, and more to join the conversation using the campaign hashtags #WorldMilkDay and #EnjoyDairy. By using #the campaign hashtags, the team will be able to share and amplify your messages so that more people can join the celebration. Let’s make this World Milk Day unforgettable!
  1. Share pre-developed content with the #WorldMIlkDay and #EnjoyDairy hashtags. If you need content to support your campaign, you can repurpose the social media messages and visuals available in the 2024 Activation Guide. Show your support by resharing, liking and commenting on World Milk Day campaign material using #WorldMilkDay and #EnjoyDairy.
  1. Be Featured in the Final Report. Share a recap of your campaign activities along with visuals for a chance to be spotlighted in the official World Milk Day final report. Send your submissions to by June 10, 2024. 


The 2024 Activation Guide is available for download on the World Milk Day website. This guide outlines how GDP can support your campaign activities and how best to engage with the campaign. The guide also provides several social media messages and visuals ready for your use.

A variety of 2024 campaign assets, including logos, visuals, and sample messages, are all available for download on the World Milk Day website.

Let’s make the 2024 campaign the biggest celebration yet! 

Stefanie Hyde

With a passion for creativity, marketing and communications, Stefanie contributes to Emerging’s online communications and brand management, develops graphic visuals, and provides communications support to Emerging and its valued clients. Stefanie has grown up in a family with a long history in agriculture. Her family roots and exposure to farming and agri-business has nurtured a natural love for the industry and the wonderful people who work in it. Prior to joining Emerging, she has gained career experience working with Parks Canada in a Promotions and New Media role and developed skills including videography, advertising, marketing, social media and graphic design. Stefanie is a Canadian national and speaks both French and English. She graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, with a Bachelors Degree of Design. Stefanie attended the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology where she specialized in Sustainable Communications which included sustainable design, communications and marketing. Stefanie has spent time living in both Denmark and Rome, and is currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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