From June 21, 2017 until June 23, 2017

The purpose of the conference is to build new partnerships and create synergies among stakeholders to accelerate the shift towards more sustainable food systems. In this context, the conference will offer a dialogue platform to share experiences and exchange ideas; encourage participants to transition into a crafting and decision-making mode, by proposing concrete collective actions and initiatives, and highlighting relevant tools, approaches and good practices; underline the importance of a multi-stakeholder, systems-based approach to make food systems more sustainable; and lay the foundations to kick-off cooperation on collective action and initiatives to address the critical challenges in food systems and accelerate the shift to sustainability.

There will be high level panel discussions chaired by Dr. Rob Davis (MP), Minister of Trade and Industry, Republic of South Africa. In addition, thematic discussions will be framed around presentations of the SFS Programme’s core initiatives, and there will be exhibition space for participants to present their own projects in support of sustainable food systems.