Africa Day 2022: Strengthening Resilience in Nutrition and Food Security

Every year on May 25, Africa Day is celebrated to commemorate the first union of African states. This day is usually marked with festivities, music, dancing, and food. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to celebrate the day in this manner. The COVID-19 pandemic left an estimated 800 million people facing hunger around the world and Africa was not spared. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 report revealed that about one-third of all undernourished people live in Africa. According to the Continental Nutrition Accountability Scorecard, which was introduced by the African Union and the Africa Leaders for Nutrition (ALN) in 2019, women and children who are the most vulnerable in society are suffering from nutrition-related challenges. Almost 60 million children under the age of five are stunted in Africa. Women's anemia is also prevalent in 38 countries, with prevalence rates exceeding 30%. Meanwhile, obesity, overweight, and noncommunicable diseases linked to poor diets are on the rise. These alarming statistics drove the African leaders to declare nutrition and food security on the continent as the topmost priority for 2022. 

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Time to fix our food – 2021 Food Systems Summit

Food – something we all think about every day. Yet, how far do our thoughts about food go? Do we think about how it is produced and where it comes from? Do we think about the cost of our food to the environment? The cost of production? Do we ever wonder whether there is an endless supply of the foods we love? 

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