Emerging Ag: Celebrating Ten Years

I founded Emerging Ag Inc in 2010 with the dream to start a new business focused on issues I was passionate about: agriculture, food security, sustainable farming and nutrition.

10 years on, I am still as passionate as ever about these issues and I share my interests with Emerging’s team members and clients. We have had the opportunity to work closely with farmers around the world and their organizations to bring their voices to global policymaking. We have supported specific sectors and crops: pulses, oats, canola, milk, livestock. We have advocated for agriculture to be valued, promoted, invested in as the building block to our economies, ways of life and development. During this time, we have seen the emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, Goal 2 “Ending Hunger”. 2021 will be a year where my dream will culminate because of the Food Systems Summit that will be convened by the United Nations Secretary-General. My hope for this Summit is to finally see agriculture, food and nutrition get the attention it deserves as the backbone of sustainable development.

We have prepared this video illustrating my dream. 

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