Nominations for the World Food Prize are open until May 1

If you know an outstanding individual working to make hunger history – why not nominate them for the biggest accolade in agriculture?

Calling all young researchers with a passion for fighting global hunger and poverty:

You could be nominated for the next Borlaug Field Award worth $10,000 for your work.


What does it take to win the Borlaug Field Award? You must be:

  • A SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHER: You must facilitate positive change through rigorous research methods, techniques, management approaches, and strategies that result in increased food production, availability, distribution, and better nutrition.
  • A LEADER, TEACHER AND COMMUNICATOR: You must act as a leader of other agricultural professionals and successfully bring your innovations to underserved farmers and consumers, through hands-on science training and education in rural communities
  • PERSISTENTLY INNOVATIVE: You must be a determined innovator, pursuing solutions in a quest to provide adequate food and nutrition to the world’s poorest people with Dr. Borlaug’s “never give up” attitude, even in the face of adversity.
  • DEDICATED TO ACHIEVING IMPACT: Just like Dr. Borlaug himself, you have succeeded in “putting more food on the plate ” and can demonstrate the impact of your work.

For full eligibility criteria & to nominate, visit:


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