GBA4E at UNEA-3; Businesses #BeatPollution

From the 4th to 6th December 2017, The UN Environment Assembly, the world's highest-level decision-making body on the environment, held its 3rd session (UNEA-3) in Nairobi. The Assembly was held under the overarching theme of “Towards a Pollution Free Planet” and passed 11 resolutions, each addressing a specific dimension of pollution. For the first time, a Ministerial Declaration was approved by consensus – this declaration will serve as a global action plan on pollution. View the approved declaration here.

Under the banner of the Global Business Alliance for the Environment (GBA4E), Business and Industry participated actively in the Assembly. The GBA4E coordinated the Business and Industry Major group at UNEA-3. Our Delegates participated in several side events and delivered statements on behalf of the Business and Industry major group at the Opening Plenary, Closing Plenary and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue. Read the statements here.

The GBA4E Business Symposium

On December 3rd 2017, the Global Business Alliance for the Environment (GBA4E) held the inaugural Business Symposium at UNEA-3. The symposium featured 12 case studies from a diverse array of sectors, countries and organizations. Each case contributed to the #beatpollution dialogue in a unique and innovative way. The symposium theme of ‘Businesses #BeatPollution’ was related to various sectors including dairy, vehicles, farming, recycling, ocean conservancy, paint, oil and gas and agriculture. 

Read more on the case studies here, and learn more about the speakers here.

A live and vibrant @GBA4E twitter wall was run throughout the event using the hashtag #beatpollution, engaging viewers both in attendance and online. 

The GBA4E is excited to continue developing a path of partnership with UN Environment and UNEA - to benefit the environment and all stakeholders.

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