2016 Global Pulse Convention Recap

Between May 18 and 22nd I, along with the Emerging team traveled to Çeşme, Turkey, for the 2016 Global Pulse Convention. This conference had over 650 participants from all over the world participate in meetings and discussions regarding the pulse industry and the International Year of Pulses.

One of the meetings we helped organize was the national committees meeting. In this meeting, national committees presented on the amazing activities they had been working on, as well as collaborated with others to think of new and creative ways to get consumers involved with IYP2016.  It was fantastic to see the countless events these committees are hosting all over the world. Ranging from educational field day seminars, to galas, and to recipe books. Instead of describing each activity, below are a few highlights;


FOODEX is an event to showcase various products from the Food & Beverage industry. This year, the event took place in Japan on March 8th to the 11th. There was a World Pulses Booth to present the International Year of Pulses. For more information visit here.

blijeboonThe Netherlands has a stupendous food truck called "Blije Boon". The truck travels around the country giving out pulse samples and brochures to teach people about the great benefits of pulses and the wide variety of dishes they can be included in!

uk-falafelOn May 1st, the UK National Committee hosted the London Falafel Festival. The festival featured a competition to see who had the best falafel recipe in London. Learn more, and read about the winner here!


Argentina has developed a pulse based cookbook and is looking at developing one aimed towards children by the end of July!


The Canadian National Committee has been very active! Their activities range from developing a museum exhibit that travels around Canada featuring the benefits of pulses, to supporting the Pulse Pledge, to hosting the national Mission ImPULSEible competition!


Chile hosted a Dry Bean Field Day on January 27th! Learn more here!

These are just a few of the over 400 events that have happened and will happen all over the world! It is amazing to see how people have engaged in the Year and I cannot wait to see what else these amazing committees can think of.

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