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Who ranks first in Childhood obesity?

Oatmeal Chile poblano stuffing, recipe available on

Mexico can boast of many things, like being the first exporter of avocados in the World, or being the first to drink and cook one of the most delicious, and healthy, ancient foods, hot chocolate. The root for this word comes from the náhuatl xocolātl, and was actually kept in almost all languages.

But one of the things that Mexicans are not proud of, is the obesity problem still spreading all over the country. Embarrassingly, Mexico ranks first in both childhood and adult obesity. Sadly, Mexico also ranks first in childhood diabetes. A disease which is one the leading causes of death in the Aztec country.

As a response to these alarming issues, the Prairie Oat Growers Association decided to see how they can help through the website targeting Mexican consumers. Last December, we met with representatives of the Mexican Diabetes Federation, to join their campaign focused on the prevention and treatment of the disease.

The fiber present in oats helps to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood. For people with diabetes oatmeal is ideal as it does not cause spikes in blood sugar, and it improves glucose regulation and insulin. This, and other important key messages, will be promoted through the webpage and the Facebook fanpage, that now counts with more than 41,000 fans.

We have helped POGA create recipes for the Mexican market, that feature some of the native Mexican ingredients such as: jalapeño, chipotle, chile poblano, and more. While we focus on creating more, why don’t you have a look on and start cooking?

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