COP21: Paris Climate Agreement unlocks opportunities for food and farming

The last two weeks in Paris at the UNFCCC COP were an exciting time, the culmination of many years of protracted negotiations that saw pragmatism and urgency ally to deliver the Paris Agreement. For those involved in agriculture, it may feel like a bittersweet ending. After many COP meetings to the tune of "No Agriculture, No Deal” it may even feel like a lost battle. But it is not. Never before have I seen so many events focused on agriculture, so many people talking about the sector and so much interest in the issue. And the Paris text may not say ‘agriculture’ but there are many entry points and opportunities for engagement laid out in the decisions from Paris. At Emerging we were happy to be able to help colleagues at CCAFS through the two weeks and their analysis of the deal should give you hope! The info note and research highlights key outcomes and next steps for the ag community.

It is time for those who have been part of the long fight to see agriculture recognised and included to look at current tactics and re-evaluate where engagement needs to happen. The next 4 years should be busy as ever!
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