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Oats to Support the Manyinga Project

Samafunda - Robynne and students (2)

The Manyinga Project has been a long-time passion of mine, as the project stands for such an important message: provide essential training in agriculture for children and address basic health and nutritional concerns for students.

Art Enns, President of Prairie Oat Growers Association and a Red River Valley grain farmer, is donating the proceeds from 35 acres of his oat crop to help support the school program, this will fall close to $12,000. The proceeds will go towards supporting two schools in Zambia, where about 430 young Zambians age six to 14 attend.

The project gives young Zambians a chance to break the cycle of poverty not only through conventional education, but also by including training on farming. Agriculture is an essential educational program as 85 percent of people in Zambia farm. Children without parents are missing out on a key component of upbringing in Zambia. If they lack the skills and knowledge they require to run a successful farm and produce food, then they are at risk to falling into a life of poverty.

The Manitoba Co-operator has written a lovely article outlining the support of Art Enns and the importance of the Manyinga Project. For more information on the project, please visit

If you're interested in supporting the Manyinga Project through a donation, please make your contribution here.
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