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A Welcomed Beginning at Emerging Ag

With a month of experience at Emerging ag now under my belt, I’m finally starting to grasp the magnitude of the projects which we work with. Having just completed my undergraduate degree, I can’t help but feel exceptionally grateful to be working alongside such a wonderful and dedicated team.

Working through a virtual office is nothing new to me, as this is something that I was able to do in my previous job with Parks Canada. However, working in a virtual office with an international team is incredibly different and gives me the opportunity to relocate whenever and wherever I wish. Having this freedom changes the feel of a job completely, as you never feel restricted in one city or time-zone. As long as you can communicate with your team, the world becomes one large neighborhood.

There are so many benefits to an international business, as that gives contact points to clients in every time-zone. We are no longer restricted to a 9 – 5 day, which helps work flow and company efficiency. The only difference is what you set as a priority during the morning compared to during the afternoon so that you are able to work with certain team members without a 12 hour delay. A simple change, which I have easily adopted.

The largest change for me has been the global impact of the issues we work with. I’m able to apply my creative processes to topics which influence policy and stakeholders. Working in the agri-business is something that I have grown to have high respect for, as my family has worked in the industry for many generations.

Now finally being able to contribute to a family dinner conversation which relies heavily on agricultural acronyms is an opportunity which I’m very excited about. The greatest advice I’ve ever received was: “it is not the university degree you have, but what you do with it” – and I can’t wait to see where Emerging ag takes me.

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