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Manyinga Working Group Sets Goals for the Next Three Years

Manyinga Working Group
The Manyinga Working Group, L to R - Richard Thiessen, Wendi Thiessen, Cam Dahl, Allan Ronald, Myrna Ronald, Jody Dundas, Robynne Anderson, Dorothy Murrell, Art Enns, Jennifer Karton (missing David Bossman)

Committee members Allan and Myrna Ronald hosting a meeting of the Manyinga Working Group on Wednesday evening, at which the goals and budgets for the next three years were the topic of conversation. The project is entering a period of transition, with ongoing negotiations with the Zambian government to assume responsibility for the funding of the schools. The purpose of the meeting was to identify areas of the project that would continue to be supported by donations and begin developing transition plans for those area that would be transferred to government responsibility.

Many members had not met in person until this event, and we are all thankful to Allan and Myrna for arranging and hosting the gathering.

The Manyinga Project supports two schools built to meet the needs of orphan and vulnerable children at Chinema and Samafunda, small villages in the Manyinga region of Zambia that has been devastated by multiple public health challenges and the grinding reality of poverty.To find out more about the Manyinga Project, please visit

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