UN Secretary-General: "Never before have so many leaders gathered to commit to action on climate change"

At the close of the UN Climate Summit 2014, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon declared that the summit "delivered", and will be the beginning of meaningful climate change action in 2015. The summit was not lacking for the meaningful attendance, as National Leaders from around the world came together to make meaningful commitments on climate change. In particular, A new Compact of Mayors, representing 200 cities with a combined population of 400 million people, pledged new commitments to reduce annual emissions by between 12.4 and 16.4 per cent, The European Union pledged to adopt the 40 per cent emissions reductions target this October, Grenada called for all island states to go 100 per cent renewable, and China announced that it will peak its emissions as soon as possible and double its support for the South-South Cooperation.

Very excitingly, Mr. Ban spotlighted that “new coalitions are forming to meet the full scope of the climate challenge,” and cited the first Global Agricultural Alliance which was launched today to enable 500 million farmers worldwide to practice climate-smart agriculture by 2030.

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