Feeding Crops to Feed the World: The International Stewardship Symposium

The Canadian Fertilizer Institute, along with other partner organizations, is hosting a symposium from July 15-16th of this year on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program. As mentioned in previous posts, the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program is an exciting series of best management practices that has the potential benefit of increasing yield, improving soil sustainability, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

I am honored to sit on the Advisory Group for the Symposium, and look forward to what the Farming 4R Land project will be able to accomplish in the coming years.

The Farming 4R Land program is an implementation program for the Nutrient Stewardship, and supports implementation of Alberta's Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol (NERP). A recent George Morris Institute study showed that implementation of the 4R Stewardship BMPs can result in a 15 to 25 per cent decrease in N2O (nitrous oxide) emissions, and could result in benefits for farmers of up to $87 per acre.

To register for the symposium, click here.

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