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How are Ag Marketers Different than Those in Other Industries?

Millennium Research Inc. sent out some interesting facts on agricultural marketing:

They are focused on customer retention

The majority of agriculture organizations’ sales revenue (80%) comes from existing customers, which is the highest among all of the industries surveyed. Not surprisingly, one of their primary goals for content marketing is customer retention.

They rely heavily on print-based media

More than any other industry, agricultural marketers rely on print media. They are the largest users of both print magazines (69%) and print newsletters (56%). Perhaps not surprisingly, they also widely use in-person events (68%); the only other industry that has a higher level of adoption for in-person events is healthcare.

They have not widely adopted social media

Agricultural marketers use social media the least of any group (60% versus 79% on average). Related to this, they also have the lowest adoption rate for blogs (29%).

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