Female Face of Farming

Back in March, Farming First launched its infographic on the female face of farming. Since then it has attracted a lot of attention to the fact that women represent 43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries and account for an estimated two-thirds of the world's 600 million poor livestock keepers. Despite this, their access to productive resources is limited. In many societies, laws, tradition and access bar women from owning and inheriting land. Moreover, where women hold land, their plots are generally smaller, of an inferior quality, and with less secure rights than those held by men.

In the first week of its launch, the infographic had a twitter reach of 1,429,731 and there were 40 pieces of media coverage, including the Guardian and the New Agriculturalist. And people are really exploring the facts. The average visit time on the page was 4 minutes and 18 seconds. We love that you love it!

Visit http://www.farmingfirst.org/women/ to learn more. It is tweetable and embeddable.

Farming First - Women in Agriculture

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