Big Partnership Announcement

Now is the moment to prove public-private partnerships can work. At an international level, we can see a new way of operating emerging to work on the world’s most pressing problems.. In particular, recognition is great for the private sector to provide funding, operational expertise, and commercialisation know-how. This can augment programs of governments and NGO’s.

A great example is the exciting announcement of six new programs by CGIAR to conduct research geared to developing countries suffering from food insecurity. The program will be conducted by 15 CGIAR institutions, in combination with over 100 collaborators from academia, civil society and the private sector. The total value is just short of $1 billion that will fund work in wheat, aquaculture, and nutrition, among others.

Read the press release (PDF) - the Global Research Coalition Approves Six New Cutting-Edge Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Programs to Sustainably Boost Food Security Worldwide.

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