Pamela has joined the Emerging Ag team as a Strategic Communications Officer where she provides strategic bilingual communication services to Emerging’s cherished clients in English and French. 

Pamela is a language professional with half a decade worth of experience working as a translator. Some of her clients include organisations such as ECOWAS, Plan Benin, and Caritas. In addition, she is a conference interpreter and has also worked in the academic sector training conference interpreters at the University of Ghana, where she herself recently obtained her Master's degree (MA) in Conference Interpreting. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Translation from the same university as well. 

A Ghanaian, Pamela is fluent in Twi, English and French but also speaks some Spanish. She is currently based in Accra, Ghana. 

Enough to Feed and Save the Earth

In 1970, 20 million Americans came together to call for the protection of planet earth and this was recorded in history as the first ever Earth Day. Also known as International Mother Earth Day, April 22 marks the day of the year when the public is made aware of the state of the planet. 

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Combatting Hunger to Promote Peace

For centuries, the world perceived hunger and food insecurity as only effects in conflict situations. Indeed, conflict is one of the main drivers of hunger. In any situation where people are displaced, maimed, or killed as a result of insecurity and conflict the end result is lower food production. So, it is true that conflict brings hunger.

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