Based in New York City, Bibi is an accomplished, multitalented professional with 20+ years of experience in international affairs, multilateralism and negotiations. She has a demonstrated history as a successful negotiator and consensus builder having led strategic engagement with the United Nations and various international organizations in New York, Geneva and Rome. Bibi previously spent 13 years in a high level role successfully representing a nation and region at the United Nations. Bibi has acted as a lead advocate for regional and national positions and had the role as regional coordinator.

The United Nations Food Systems Summit: A moment of hope and ambition

Every September the world looks towards New York City where the annual High-Level General Debate at the United Nations is held, with optimism and hope that this global body can solve the many challenges humanity faces.

This year, once again, we look to the United Nations in September, with not just hope, but also with ambition; an ambition that is bold, an ambition inspired by the realization that the way we produce and consume food is unsustainable, and unless we act, and act now, we are certain to doom future generations to increased hunger and want. This is an ambition to create immediate change, that is transformative, resulting in a renewed food system that is equitable, sustainable, resilient, respects human rights, and ensures that everyone in the food and agriculture value chain will have a decent job with a dignified living income or wage. We nurture an ambition for a system where producers will receive their fair share and will no longer be among the world’s poorest people, and, where no one, anywhere in the world is left hungry. 

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Time to fix our food – 2021 Food Systems Summit

Food – something we all think about every day. Yet, how far do our thoughts about food go? Do we think about how it is produced and where it comes from? Do we think about the cost of our food to the environment? The cost of production? Do we ever wonder whether there is an endless supply of the foods we love? 

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CERES 2030: Sustainable Solutions to End Hunger

At a time when human civilization has achieved technological advances beyond imagination, where global telecommunications are instant, where artificial intelligence has permeated almost every aspect of life, when mankind has travelled to the moon and beyond, one age-old problem continues to persist – hunger. Despite the efforts by Governments, regional and international organizations and many actors and stakeholders, the world has been unable to eliminate the scourge of hunger.  

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"We the Peoples of the United Nations"

“We the peoples of the United Nations”, the opening words of the Charter of the United Nations, establishes who and what the United Nations is about - we the peoples! 

After the inability of the League of Nations to prevent World War II, the international community was keen in 1945 for another attempt at a world organization which could offer collective security.  It was US President Franklin Roosevelt who first coined the term “United Nations” and who began the sequence of actions that led to the unanimous adoption of the UN Charter

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The 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Week: The General Assembly without the General Assembly

What makes up a General Assembly High-Level Week (HLW)? Is it just the delegates and representatives sitting in the General Assembly hall and the Statements by the Heads of State? For those of us who have experienced and dare I say, survived a General Assembly HLW, there is a lot that comes with it. It includes months of long preparation, the many logistical arrangements, Secretariat staff, snipers on the Secretariat building, sniffer dogs, long security lines at various UN entrances,  NYPD officers in their numbers, the not-so-secret secret service protecting the dignitaries, traffic jams and street closures and of course the Heads of State, High-Level dignitaries and representatives from Capital. Oh, and did I mention the numerous, countless hours of work and very little sleep? Yes, these and much more, are all the things that make up a General Assembly High-Level Week.

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The WTO Agreement on Agriculture Celebrates a Quarter of a Century

In 1995 the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Agriculture came into force, providing a framework for long term reform of trade in agriculture and domestic policies covering market access, domestic support and export competition and was seen as an important step towards making world agricultural trade fairer and more competitive.

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2020 Meeting of the High Level Political Forum: A Virtual United Nations Event

The 2020 meeting of the High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development is certainly one that will be remembered for a long time to come - it was the first time a meeting of this magnitude  was held in an entirely virtual manner at the United Nations. Held over the period Tuesday, 7 July, to Thursday, 16 July, under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council, the session included a three-day ministerial meeting of the forum from Tuesday, 14 July, to Thursday, 16 July and a High Level segment was held on Friday 17, July.

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