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New York City

17 July 2018

SDG Business Forum
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inducted into the 2017 Canadian
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Private Sector
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Emerging Ag is a boutique international consulting firm providing communications and public affairs services to clients in the Agriculture, Food and Health sectors. We provide expert services to our clients, with a strong focus on global policy issues and engagement with international organizations.

Emerging Blog

Tackling Childhood Growth Failure with Pulses

Pulses can be a major player in the fight against one of the most urgent global food challenges: malnutrition. A recent clinical study in Malawi has found that complementary feeding with cowpeas reduces stunting in children and improves overall gut health...

PSM Info Session Held in Nairobi, Kenya

On Thursday, March 1st, the Private Sector Mechanism (PSM) held an information session in Nairobi, Kenya. The hope for this event was to engage with more farmers, SMEs, and agricultural entrepreneurs in East Africa, an area that represents incredible grow...



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