Prairie Oat
Growers Association

The Prairie Oat Growers Association represents Canadian oat growers, and with them we have created an outreach campaign, including a website Avena Canadiense, targeted at Mexican consumers.

Launched in April 2014, the website provides valuable information about Canadian oats in a friendly and appetizing way. Mexican visitors can find out all the nutritional properties of oats and cook up customized oat recipes - from enchiladas to pancakes - that offer Mexican consumers ideas on how to integrate oats in their daily diet.

Emerging Ag also launched a Facebook Fan Page and designed and executed a keyword and social advertising campaign to promote the website among Mexican consumers. Some key outcomes:

Consumer Campaign (Facebook)

  • 27,122 new fans in the first quarter of 2016. 
  • Facebook likes increased to a total of 66,546 fans 
  • Average of 1,969 daily actions by Facebook users in the first quarter of 2016 

A recipe contest campaign was developed mainly through the Facebook fanpage. For this reason, in the month of February, there was a significant increase of Facebook fans, and as a result more actions like shares and comments.

Key Traffic Numbers in 2015 Information based on statistics collected from Google Analytics 

  • 537,4235 sessions
  • 419,029 unique visitors = 1,163 average daily visitors VS 760 average visitors in 2014 
  • 1,297,352 page views

Key Traffic Numbers from Google Analytics of website traffic in 2016 to-date (January to March, 2016)

  • 60,420 sessions
  • 53,100 unique visitors 
  • 101,097 page views


Recipe Contest Launched

Launched in February, the first recipe contest concluded successfully with 3 winners and 64 recipes submitted by Mexican users. Given the incredible response, POGA decided to launch a second contest in May. Mexicans demonstrated fantastic culinary skills while also taking into account the required criteria: nutritional value, originality and presentation. A total of 160 oats recipes have now been collected through the contest and they include:

  • 45 desserts 
  • 28 main dishes
  • 20 breads and muffins
  • 19 pancakes and burgers
  • 12 Mexican dishes 
  • 10 cookies
  • 6 lasagna or pasta dishes
  • 6 hotcakes recipes
  • 5 appetizers 
  • 4 soups
  • 5 miscellaneous 

The winning recipe was a healthy version of the Spanish cookie dessert called “alfajores” which swapped sugar with dates, stevia, coconut and yogurt. This oats alfajores dish was created by Montserrat Petriciolet, a 19 year old resident of Oaxaca, who won $600. Four more recipes were distinguished for their creativity, nutritional value and taste. They included a delicious oats vegetarian lasagna, healthy oats truffles, oats risotto and avedonuts. In total, for the two contests, $2,500 in prizes were awarded. POGA is pleased to extend its congratulations to the winners and to all participants for their effort and dedication. POGA would also like to thank the Canadian Embassy in Mexico for serving as jury to select the winning recipes. 

For the remainder of 2016, the Canadian oats campaign in Mexico will continue with a Trade Mission to Mexico City and Guadalajara this November. POGA plans to meet with the Mexico’s major oat importers and hopes to charm the national media with two events where they will have the opportunity to taste a full menu featuring oats.  

Partnership with the Mexican Diabetes Federation

The exchange of materials has begun, FMD has released two POGA recipes in their website: 

One diabetes article has been released in the Avena Canada Website, one more is scheduled to go at the end of March.